Tuesday, October 22, 2013

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Paper craft is very popular hobby among people of all ages. It requires lot of creativity and with every creation the work becomes. It is the card making and scrapbooking crafts that have become very popular today. Not only have they become a favorite pastime for many but also a lucrative business. Both these crafts have been there from ancient times, it is now that it has become well recognized in the whole world.

Cards are used to send greetings to loved ones on special occasions. This was a very common practice in ancient China and Egypt during new years. Today the handmade cards are more preferred by the people as they carry a lot of sentimental value. Scrapbooks on the other hand are well decorated albums which preserves the wonderful memories for life. People use photographs, write ups or memorable objects in the scrapbooks. Today professionals create these scrapbooks to treasure the moments of Christmas, weddings, birthdays and many other occasions.

Though card making and scrapbooking crafts are very different from each other, the supplies are mostly common. Card stocks are used for both the art forms. These are acid free papers that come in varied sizes and patterns. For handmade cards they are ideal as they are very hard and easy to work on. In scrapbooking they are used as the base for scrapbooking papers as well as for matting photographs.

A set of cutting tools is essential for both the crafts. It includes a good pair of scissors, paper cutters, self healing cutting mats, craft knives and decorative edged scissors. Adhesives are another important requirement as card making and scrapbooking requires a lot of pasting. Double sided tapes, glue sticks, adhesive clear dots are the most commonly used.

Without embellishment both these art forms are never complete. Craft enthusiasts create wonders with these embellishments, which makes the craft stand out of the rest. Embossing powders are used to get a raised or 3D look on the card or scrapbooks. They are specially used for wordings and photographs. Other embellishments are stickers, glitters, ribbons and many more.

Apart from these basics other essential supplies include rubber stamps, ink pads, colorful pens and pencils, patterned paper, paper punches, paints and paint brushes. Today craft makers can get these supplies very easily with the emergence of the online stores, though they are available in the local shops. The online craft stores have huge stock of products from various brands which the customers can choose from. They do not have to visit the stores; instead they could sit at the comforts of their home and get them on their doorstep. Thus it has made people take more interest in these crafts.


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